At Blue Violet we are often asked. “How much does a website cost?”, which is a perfectly reasonable question. The answer depends very much on the client’s requirements from that website, not least in terms of the technologies used to perform those functions.

Starter web presences and brochure sites can be a very effective and inexpensive solution for a small company that just wants to be able to showcase its business, its services, perhaps some case studies and client feedback, and provide a means for customers to get in touch with them.

We are more than happy to develop your website over time to match your business growth — so, you may start off with a simple brochure site of just a few pages, and gradually introduce features, such as an interactive enquiry form requiring the website’s pages to connect with a database especially designed and built for your website.


Over recent years, the number of site visitors accessing content via smartphones and tablets has increased rapidly. By the end of 2014, it was reported that — for the first time — more than 50% of visitors worldwide accessed websites via a smartphone. Bearing in mind that these statistics include developing countries where in some cases the only type of device available is a smartphone, it still indicates the huge growth in importance of having a website that delivers content optimally to multiple devices, wherever your market happens to be.

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In most cases, it is not necessary to have different versions of a website built for different devices — the current best practice is to creative a Responsive Website, which detects the type of device each site visitor is using to access website content and then delivers that content in a format tailored to the device. Blue Violet is happy to explain further and to discuss your requirements.


Flash can be an important asset to your site, but it has to be carefully and accurately used, to ensure that your pages comply with current web standards, particularly regarding accessibility and also compatibility with devices such as tablets and smartphones. Generally, it depends on the nature of your business — as well as how the Flash movies are constructed — as to whether it is a good or bad idea to incorporate Flash in your website. For example, you don’t want your site to have a long, complicated Flash animation as an introduction just ‘because you can’, as this may actually work against you if it frustrates the site visitor, and furthermore may alienate search engines. For more visually creative projects etc, such as for arts-focused businesses, where animation and interactivity are now almost essential, Flash can be a valuable and powerful tool, but it is always worth considering supplying the site visitor with an alternative text-based version of your content.

Flash also provides an excellent means of delivering multimedia content to your site users, although if you simply wish to include a video file as part of your website (without multimedia elements), it may be more appropriate to consider hosting it on an external website and linking/embedding the file.

We are happy to advise you on all aspects of creating your website, including what technologies might be useful for your particular project and why.

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