We realise that everyone has different levels of experience and understanding of the type of services we offer, and so if you are in any doubt we aim to help you to understand what you need, why you need it and how to put your ideas into practice.


It doesn’t matter if you don’t understand, for example, what javascript is or why people use it on websites — we will talk to you in simple terms about the kind of image and effects you want to achieve, and the functions you need your website to perform.

The same applies to the graphic design and print element of Blue Violet — you may or may not be familiar with the Pantone colour system, or why we have other colour modes such as CMYK and RGB. We are happy to answer any such questions, but you need not feel pressured to learn any more about these subjects than you wish to!


Every business has different needs, and the type of website (and the budget you have for it) will reflect this. We can build you a simple, promotional site with just a few pages if that is appropriate for your business, or a more complex, database-driven site if that is what you require. Many clients start with a “web presence” and we develop this over time as their business grows.

Your website may benefit from the use of some form of animation, such as a slideshow/gallery, and we can also incorporate video data in your website — for example, to show a corporate promotional film.

No doubt you will be aware that websites are now accessed from a variety of devices, including smartphones, tablets and desktop computers. Blue Violet builds all new websites to deliver content tailored to suit their differing requirements.


You can pick and choose which of our services suit your needs best, but it may help you to think of them divided into two main areas:

Graphic Design and Artwork

  • logo design and corporate id development
  • stationery design and production [to reflect your id]
  • design and layout of corporate materials [eg annual reports, corporate brochures, leaflets, calendars etc]
  • design and layout of bespoke advertisements for print
  • design and layout of roll-out exhibition banners
  • creation of original artwork
  • photography and supply of library/stock images
  • image editing and retouching, including restoration of faded/damaged prints

Web Design and Development

  • selection and purchase of a domain name
  • planning your website’s structure
  • site design [to complement your company id, whether existing or created by us]
  • assistance with copywriting for your website
  • site construction and development, using contemporary style sheets and markup
  • recommendation of a reliable and cost-effective hosting company
  • advice on appropriate website technologies
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